Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The User Experience Wheel

I have used this model for some time now, time to reveal it to the critical eyes of fellow practitioners. It is a model that tries to explain “what is user experience?”

PDF Version

The Model should be explained from the inside. It starts in the middle.
  1. Value is what we want to accomplish
  2. For customers and providers, positive user experience is a win-win situation
  3. We want to accomplish value through positive user experience
  4. The user experience is a series of phases, we have to focus on positivity in findability, accessibility, desirability, usability, credibility and usefulness
  5. Numerous factors contribute to the phases of user experience, the model shows 30 factors carefully placed
  6. To achieve this we work backwards, starting and ending with search engine strategy, and going through and making a choice about each of the factors

I feel the model still is a work in progress. Comments on how it can be improved, is it completely wrong (?), is it useful is welcome. Let the discussion begin.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How much do context matter?

We all know that context matters, but seldom have the point been tried as directly as in this article in The Washington Post. One of the greatest violinists in the world with a $3,5 million stradivarius plays some masterpieces of classical music at a metro station. The big question is, will people appreciate the music in that context? Will people stop? Will they give him money? Will he be treated better than a regular street musician?

I don't want to spoil the article for you, but it is sufficient to say, this article answers a lot of questions about context.

The link to the article was discoveret at the Freakonomics blog.