Monday, February 26, 2007

Restructuring the User Experience Honeycomb

Peter Morville, the author of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web and Ambient Findability is also known to have created the User Experience Honeycomb diagram. Even though his honeycomb is over two years old, it's still used by Peter at presentations:

I always thought that his diagram had a strong appeal, but also that it was lacking something. To my surprise, I found the diagram became much better after re-structuring it. It is kind of ironic that the work of one of the greatest information architects in the world wasn't structured ideally from the beginning. But then again, I might be completely wrong. Anyways, I put the facets in a different order and removed the honeycombs:

Why the new order? Simple, now the facets are in order of experience. The rationale for the order is the following:

It's first, to quote the inspiration of this post "you can't use what you can't find"

Maybe a new quote, "you can't use what you can't access"

You see the interface before you use it.

You have to be able to use something to do something with it

You have to trust something before actually commiting to solving a task with the service

Usefulness is last, because a user forms an opinion about usefulness when he leaves, hopefully after completing his task.

value is the result of the user experience and not a facet of it.

It is my humble opinion that the honeycomb is more descriptive as a process than as a honeycomb. Although, the insight would never have came had it not been for the original.


Andrerib said...

I like you're approach. It's makes sense so it's a lot easier to explain to someone else.

Graphically I would put the bottom word in a position easier to read (vertical flip).

Bernhard said...

I understood the term "usefulness" in relation to "is the content that I have found useful or relevant to what I am after", not was the experience useful. Is the evaluation of the overall experinec not covered with the dimension "value"?

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Amber Salm said...

The approach is unique but is promising. But I would simply say that its easy to explain and share it with others but is difficult to implement and follow.
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