Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Value of User Experience

A positive user experience creates value, whether you use the honeycomb , my restructured honeycomb or another sales pitch, this is what we tell our clients. But what is this value? How do we explain the benifits of a good user experience?

Again, I find myself uttering "so, I have this model." In this case it is a concept map. Inspiration for this comes from this map made by Experience Dynamics. Mine is not as pretty (I may get one of our graphic designers to do a nice design for it later, but at the moment they have too much to do).

Larger Version [+]

The map is simple, it puts the user experience in the middle of the diagram and adds the context of the user, goals and tasks and the positive or negative result of the experience. As with all concept maps of value there is really no way to describe it using just text, so see for yourself and tell me what you think.


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Jimmy Jarred said...

Very true. I do find the same that a positive user experience do values a lot. It will help in the promotion and growth of business.
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